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Personalized Cards for the Holidays

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Holiday Cards

If you're looking for a fun, creative and easy way to make and send personalized Holiday Greetings this winter, we've got you covered! Our Photo Mount and Photo Frame Cards are the perfect option that make it simple to turn your photos or artwork into a card that can be sent to a loved one or a friend.

See the process and the steps below for creating your own Photo Mount or Photo Frame Cards:

Photo Cards

Photo Mount Cards:

How-to Photo Mount Cards

Step 1: Select a photo, art print or piece of artwork that is 4" x 6" or smaller so it fits within the embossed frame on the card.







Step 2: Remove 4 of the adhesive tabs from the strip that is included in the box. 










Step 3: Apply the squares to the four corners on the back of your photo or artwork and press firmly. 









Step 4: Peel off the yellow tabs to exposet eh adhesive. 













Step 5: Center the photo or artwork inside the embossed frame on the card and adhere. 









Step 6: Repeat!










Photo Frame Cards:

Our Photo Frame Cards have a window opening that is 3 1/8" x 4 5/8"

Photo Frame Cards

Step 1: Select a photo, art print or piece of artwork that is 4" x 6".



















Step 2: Open the card to the inside. 











Step 3: Slide the photo or artwork in behind the die cut window so the back side is facing you. 








Step 4: Voilà! You're finished...repeat!
























In addition to our Photo Mount and Photo Frame Cards, we carry a myriad of other types of cards that will let you get your creative on:


Black is the new Black

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Jessica Padilla
Art by Jessica Padilla - Pastel on 400 Series Artagain Black

Creating art on black paper is a fresh and inspiring way to make artwork that stands out. A wide range of mediums including gel pens, white charcoal, pastel, colored pencils, metallic inks, paint markers, and other types of light media can be used on black paper to achieve a unique, bold effect.

We are excited to announce that we've expanded our offering of black surfaces and now carry it in a full range of products! See what's new and see the classics below!


NEW Coal Black Greeting Cards

Black Cards
Art by Sara Prentice

We are excited to introduce our classic 60lb. (160gsm) Coal Black Artagain paper in full sized greeting cards! The paper is acid free and contains 30% post-consumer fiber. The cards are 5" x 6.875" and come 10 to pack with matching black envelopes. 

Coal Black Cards are the perfect way to share your art and create unique, personalized greetings. Click here to learn more. 


NEW SIZE Black Artist Tiles

Black Tiles
Art by Mariya Paskovsky

Our Black Artist Tiles are now available in a new 4"x4" pack! The small, compact size is approachable and perfect for creating pattern drawings and meditative art using opaque pens and colored pencils. Our Black Artist Tiles are also available in 6"x6" pads. Both sizes are made from the same 60lb. (160gsm) Coal Black Artagain Paper. Click here to learn more about our Black Artist Tiles.


NEW 100 Series Black Chalk Pad

Black Chalk
Art by Art Projects for Kids

Remember how you loved drawing with chalk when you were a kid? Now artists of all ages can bring it back with our new 100 Series Black Chalk paper! The 9"x12" pads contain a special black matte surface that is great for use with chalk and chalk markers. Also give it a try with pastels, white charcoal, gel pens, colored pencil, and opaque pens. This is the perfect paper for the kid inside every artist! Click here to learn more.


400 Series Artagain Pads - Coal Black

Bonnie Martelli
Art by Bonnie Martelli

Our 400 Series Artagain Coal Black pads feature a 60lb. (160gsm) fiber-enhanced paper that contains 30% post-consumer fiber. The paper is availalbe in 6"x9", 9"x12" and 12"x18" pads as well as 19"x25" sheets. Click here to learn more. 


400 Series Wirebound Drawing Art Journal - Black

Wirebound Art JournalArt by Jane Oliver

Our 400 Series Artagain Black paper is encased between rich chocolate brown hard covers in our Wirebound Drawing Journal. The sturdy wire allows the book to open wide and lay completely flat. It is available in a 7"x10" size. Click here for more information.


In addition to all the exciting black surfaces shown above, we also have the following black surfaces:

When we said we have a smorgasbord of lovely black surfaces for you to try out, we meant it! Give it a try today and show us what you make on Instagram. Tag us using @strathmoreart and the hashtag #blackpaper.

Erik Davis - Watercolor Postcards

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Erik Davis

Artist Erik Davis has been using our Watercolor Postcards to create beautiful, fun and vibrant pieces that anyone would be thrilled to receive in the mail!

He uses a permanent ink pen to create the drawing, then adds color over the top with watercolors. 

Our Watercolor Postcards are 140lb (300gsm) and have a cold press surface. They are 4"x6" and have a standard printed postcard layout on the back. They are perfect for sending a personalized, handmade greeting to a loved one or a friend.

See more of Erik's inspiring artwork on Instagram.

Erik Davis

tl_files/content/blog/2015 Blog/Erik Davis/Close up scatter 2.jpg

Erik Davis

Erik Davis

Top 10 Life Drawing Mistakes - Graham Smith

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Graham Smith is a Professional Illustrator who has over 20 years of experience creating images for national clients in publishing, fashion, advertising, packaging and film. In his video "Confessions of a Paper Junkie", Graham gives us an inside look at his studio, some of his techniques, and his creative process:

In addition to being a Professional Illustrator, Graham also teaches life drawing classes. He's spent many years in the studio and has picked up on a few common themes that have emerged among beginners. In our fall edition of the Artist Newsletter, Graham lists out the top 10 life drawing mistakes he sees in the studio along with tips on how to correct them. See the list and his tips here:

Top 10 Life Drawing Mistakes

Graham Smith Newsletter

If you aren't familiar with our Artist Newsletter, it is a free quarterly digital publication featuring articles written by artists, the latest Strathmore news updates and product information, and answers to frequently asked questions from our website. Click here to subscribe for free today. 


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Things are getting pretty spooky around here! Many artists have taken to the #drawlloween and #inktober challenges by creating a Halloween-themed piece of art or an ink drawing every day in October. We've loved seeing all the scary, chilling, creepy, fun, and awesome artwork that has been posted in the last month!

Artist Manuela Lai has taken to the challenge and has been posting her daily drawings on Instagram. Here are a few of her awesome Halloween-themed pieces:


Jack SkellingtonJack Skellington - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Charlie BrownSnoopy and Charlie Brown

Black CatBlack Cat

FrankensteinThe Bride of Frankenstein

Check out more of Manuela's artwork on her website or Instagram page:
Maneula's Website
Manuela's Instagram Page: @manubgood_art

Create More, Share More, Strathmore

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We recently ventured into our local streets of Appleton, Wisconsin and gave away bags of free art materials at our 3rd Paper Drop Event! Each person that stopped by got 1 bag that included a Strathmore pad and a couple complementary art supplies. We are calling the project “Create More, Share More, Strathmore”.The goal is to bring more art to our local community, inspire more people to get their creative juices flowing, and just do a random act of artistic kindness. We hope you’ll be inspired to do your own random act of artistic kindness in your community by giving the gift of your art or art materials to someone who would appreciate it. Tell us about it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using ‪#‎CreateMoreShareMore‬

An extra special thanks goes out to our friends at General Pencil Company for donating some of their wonderful products for the event!

Create More, Share More



Toned Giveaway

Scroll down to enter for a chance to win our TONED GIVEAWAY! This giveaway is loaded with all your favorite Strathmore Toned goodies and materials that go perfectly with the paper. A special thanks to Sakura of America and Copic for generously donating products so we could put this gorgeous prize package together. 

Entry for giveaway ends at 11:59pm CST on Tuesday, October 20, 2015. 

SIX names will be randomly selected to win the following items:

Here's a bit more about the goodies you could win:

Strathmore Toned Products:
Strathmore Toned
In warm tan and cool gray, this sketch paper is ideal for light and dark media. It is 100% recycled, contains 30% post-consumer fiber, and is acid free. Toned Sketch pads are micro-perforated for clean and easy sheet removal. The Hardbound and Softcover books are smyth-sewn, allowing the pages to open wider and lay flatter. Toned Cards are 5"x6.875" and come with matching envelopes. The Toned Tiles come in a small, portable packs and are perfect for pattern drawing and meditative art. The Sketch pads and Art Journals contain our 80lb (118gsm) toned paper and the Cards and Tiles contain our heavyweight 80lb (216gsm) toned paper.

Copic Start Sketching Drawing Set:
Copic Set
Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the Start Sketching Set is perfect for the artist on the go. Included in the set is a 0.5 Artisto Pencil, a Black 0.5 Copic Multiliner, a Ciao Warm Gray W2 Marker and a Cia Warm Gray W5 Marker. The markers have a super brush tip on one end and a medium broad tip on the other. 

Sakura White Gelly Roll Classic Pens:
The ink in Gelly Roll Classic pens is archival, waterproof, fade resistant, and chemical proof. The creamy, gel-based ink is striking against the middle tone of the tan and gray paper and is a great tool to use to add highlights.

Lyra Rembrandt Pencils:
The 5 Lyra Rembrandt pencils included in this giveaway are the perfect colors for Toned paper: Sepia Light, Sepia Dark, Sanquine, White Pastel, and Graphite. 

The assortment in this giveaway contains everything you need to get you nice and toned! Enter below for a chance to win. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Quality Papers for Kids

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Strathmore Kids

Did you know that we carry a full line of artist quality papers for kids? We have always believed that providing quality materials to kids is the best way to nurture talent and ignite a lifelong love of art. Having great papers in the 100 Series Youth line is essential because it means you don't have to worry about your child's precious creations deteriorating over time. When your little Picasso makes a masterpiece we know it's important that it lasts for years and years to come so you can hang on to the precious memories. 

Imagination Pack

Using artist quality papers ensure's that your child will get the best results possible with their artwork. No matter the age or skill level, it can be incredibly hindering if the right materials aren't being used. Starting with good materials that perform will allow your little one to reach their full potential without frustrating roadblocks along the way.

To help kids get started, many of our Youth pads have inspirational project ideas included on the inside front cover. Look for the pads that are specially marked with the "Project Ideas Inside" bubble. Click here to access our library of step-by-step art projects. Here's an example of the project in our 100 Series Marker Pad:

Cat Project


To see our full range of kids products, click here. Designed for ages 5 and up, the paper types and product features have been selected to enhance the creative process, and include the following product types:

Alphonso Dunn's Pen & Ink Workshop

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Alphonso Dunn's free Pen & Ink Workshops are now fully released and available on our Online Workshop website!

In his first video lesson, Alphonso covers the basic aspects of drawing and creating textures with pen and ink. Consistentcy in mark making is an essential foundation skill and is the first area of focus. From there Alphonso covers a few key principles of creating realistic textures and goes over helpful practice exercises.


In his second video lesson, Alphonso applies the technqiues covered in lesson 1 to drawing a variety of objects with different textures. Visualizing and developing the structure of each object in terms of simple forms makes it easier to apply drawing techniques regardless of the complexity of a structure. Objects can always be broken down into simple geometirc forms. Then textures can be developed in stages starting with the contour, followed by the interior of the form. To follow along and see how Alphonso applies these concepts, click here and register your free account. 

Teddy Bear


Wood Example

Bird Steps

Art Submission Request for 2016 Product Catalog Cover

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Strathmore Catalogs

Submissions for our 2016 Product Catalog cover are due Wednesday, September 30! Do you have a piece created on our paper to sumbit? If so, click here for more details and send it in. 

The artist selected for our Product Catalog will receive $300. Four additional artists will be chosen to receive $100 retail value of Strathmore products. 

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit artwork. Style, subject and mediums used are up to the artist, but it must be created on Strathmore paper. There is no fee to participate. 

The artist selected will retain ownership and copyrights to their original artwork. 

We can't wait to see what you send in!