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Heavyweight Drawing Paper

Featured Product: Strathmore® Writing

Introducing 500 Series Strathmore® Writing, a full line of high-quality writing papers created to celebrate thoughtful communication, the timeless art of calligraphy, and the physical act of putting tangible ink to beautiful paper. The wide range of formats available allow you to share this special form of communication with others, or keep your own unique personal chronicles.

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Heavyweight Drawing Paper

Featured Product: Heavyweight Drawing

Strathmore® 400 Series Heavyweight Drawing has been one of our most popular papers since 1940. Previously this 100 lb. (163 g/m2) cream colored paper was only available in sheets and rolls. Now Strathmore is introducing 5 convenient pad formats to the Heavyweight Drawing family of products.

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Toned Sketch

Featured Product: Toned Sketch

Artists love Strathmore® Toned Papers, and now they're available in 3 additional formats!

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Printmaking Paper

Featured Product: Printmaking Paper

Strathmore printmaking papers are ideal for a wide variety of printmaking techniques including relief, lithography, intaglio, screen print and more.

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Softcover Art Journals

Featured Product: Softcover Art Journals

Our Softcover Art Journals give artists the choice of high quality sketch, toned sketch, drawing, watercolor and mixed media papers. Learn More.


Featured Product: Artist Tiles

Experience the emotional benefits of art through pattern drawing on Strathmore® Artist Tiles! Learn More.


Featured Product: Greeting Cards

Strathmore has expanded our line of greeting cards to include new surfaces and sizes! Learn More.

200 Series Skills Pads

Featured Product: 200 Series Skills Pads

Practice is essential for artists to learn and progress, which is why we developed an affordable, recycled paper line that delivers key performance characteristics for specific media techniques. Inviting formats and features add convenience, ease of use and durability for frequent use and lots of PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Learn More.

Fine Art Paper Rolls

Featured Product: Fine Art Rolls

Strathmore's high quality fine art paper is now available in an expanded offering of large rolls. These specialty grades typically cannot be found in roll format and provide artists with the convenience and flexibility of creating without size or scale limitations. Perfect for either practice of techniques or finished artwork. Learn More.

100 Series Youth

Featured Product: 100 Series Youth

Strathmore®believes providing artist-quality materials to kids is the best way to nurture talent and ignite a life long love of art. All products are designed for the youth artist, ages 5 and up. Paper type and product features are selected to enhance the creative process. Learn More.


Featured Product: Toned Sketch

Strathmore® 400 Series Toned Sketch provides artists with unique sketching and drawing possibilities for light and dark media. Learn More.


Featured Product: Hardbound Art Journals

Artists need paper choices in their hardbound books. Our Hardbound Art Journals give artists the choice of drawing, watercolor, mixed media and toned sketch papers, the same high quality papers used in our fine art pads. Learn More.


Featured Product: 500 Series Mixed Media

Professional quality sheets and boards are designed to accept both wet and dry media, providing the ultimate surface for mixed media. Learn More.


Featured Product: Artist Trading Cards for Kids

Strathmore® Artist Trading Cards for Kids are designed to be a place where kids can explore their creativity and learn fun drawing, painting and collage techniques while using quality artist materials. Learn More.

Featured Product: Art Journal Kit

The Strathmore® Art Journal Kit is a place where kids can explore their creativity, learn fun drawing and collage techniques and use artist quality materials. Learn More.
Mixed Media

Featured Product: Mixed Media

Mixed Media pads combine true wet media performance and dry media finish for a complete range of mixed media applications. Learn More.

Featured Product: 500 Series
Ready Cut Watercolor

Our 500 Series premium watercolor paper is precision cut into standard size sheets. Learn More.

Featured Product: Kids® Series
Natural Kraft Paper

This 100% recycled fiber, natural brown paper is great for drawing and crafts. Learn More.

Featured Product: Bamboo and Black Board Artist Trading Cards

Introducing new Greener Options papers to the Artist Trading Cards product line. Learn More.

Featured Product: Visual Journals

High-performing papers and heavy-duty features engineered to meet the intense demands of your creative process. Learn More.
How Do You See Green?

Featured Product: How do You See Green? Illustration Contest Special Edition Premium Recycled Pads

Congratulations to the winners of the Strathmore® illustration contest! Contest winners will see their original artwork featured on 1 of 4 Special Edition Premium Recycled pads this fall.  Learn More.

Featured Product: 500 Series Marker Pads

With Strathmore’s new 100% cotton Marker Paper, artists can create layouts, rough comps and renderings on a surface designed for heavy marker coverage. Learn More.

Featured Product: Greener Options Cards

Quality Strathmore® blank cards and envelopes are now available in greener options for your unique expression. These environmentally-friendly cards are made with alternative fibers and recycled materials. Learn More.

Featured Product: ATC Sleeves and Frame Cards

Introducing new additions to the Artist Trading Card product line. Learn More.

tl_files/content/featuredproducts/wet_media/fp_illoboard.jpgFeatured Product: Illustration Board for Wet Media

Strathmore® illustration boards have been the dry media choice among professional artists and illustrators for years. But we knew you desired more - that's why we have introduced a new illustration board for wet media. Learn More.

tl_files/content/featuredproducts/sequential/fp_sequential.jpgFeatured Product: Sequential Art Surfaces

Strathmore is now offering those best selling bristols in convenient formats to fit the application. We are also introducing a new bristol surface and a new illustration board for wet media. Learn More.