The Windpower® Series represents our commitment to paper performance and the environment. The products are manufactured with emissions-free, wind-generated electricity through the purchase of 100% certified renewable energy credits. What's more, they're certified through the Green-e® Marketplace Program administered by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions based in San Francisco, CA.

Benefits of Wind Energy

  • Emissions-Free. Clean energy without the climate-changing carbon dioxide common in thermal and electric energy.
  • Renewable. No consumption of fossil fuel, a nonrenewable resource.
  • Abundant and Reliable. An affordable and available form of energy.
  • Conserves Natural Resources. Uses less than 5% of land where sited, minimizing habitat destruction and preserving open spaces.

Making a Difference with Windpower
Strathmore proudly purchases windpowered energy in the form of renewable energy credits (RECs). Renewable energy leaders sell windpower into the electricity grid, reducing the amount

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