100 Series Youth Project Ideas

Project Title
Project Idea:
Doodle Paper
Project Full Image
Full dandelion doodled
Project Description
  1. Trace around the bottom of a round bottle or jar with a pencil to create three circles at varying heights on a sheet of Strathmore® Doodle paper. The example shows one circle using a 2" diameter bottle.
  2. Use a gel pen to create your dandelion “flowers” and stems following the steps above.
  3. When complete, erase the pencil guide lines.
  4. If you like, add a message in your own handwriting.
Project Information

Materials Needed:

• doodle paper
• pencil
• small round bottle or jar
• gel pen
• eraser

Age Range:

8 and up

Project Time:

30 minutes

Artwork by:
Art Projects for Kids

100 Series Doodle Pad