100 Series Youth Project Ideas

Project Title
Project Idea:
Smooth Bright Construction Paper
Project Full Image
Full layered weaving
Project Description
  1. Choose one sheet of Strathmore® Smooth Bright Construction Paper for the background “warp”, the term for the parallel lines in a weaving.
  2. Have an adult cut an even number of parallel lines the long way from top to bottom, 3/4" apart from each other, leaving the top and bottom edge intact. This is most easily done with an x-acto knife and ruler.
  3. Then cut varied heights of 8.5" wide strips of paper for the “weft”, the lines that go across in a weaving. Three heights or more will offer lots of variety to work with.
  4. Starting at one end, weave a strip over and under the ruler cuts from left to right.
  5. Weave the next paper strip in the same manner, with the over and under weaving opposite to the first strip.
  6. Space each strip close together as you advance and repeat until the area is filled.
  7. To add an extra bit of color, go back to the widest strips and add another skinny strip on top. It adds more visual interest to the artwork.
  8. When finished, tape down all the paper on the back side to secure the ends.
Project Information

Materials Needed:

• smooth bright construction paper
• x-acto knife or scissors
• ruler
• pencil if you're using scissors
• adhesive tape

Age Range:

7 and up

Project Time:

45 minutes

Artwork by:
Art Projects for Kids

100 Series Smooth Bright Construction Paper