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Artist Peter Bucks

Peter Johannes Bucks was born in the city of Chicago in 1971 and grew up in the neighborhood of Albany Park located on the city’s North Side. Peter’s father, also an artist, and an immigrant of Germany was trained in the traditions of the German Impressionist Heinrich Deege. While growing up, Peter was taught the fundamentals of perspective and proportions.

In 1989 Peter Bucks submitted a still life in the medium of watercolor for the Fifth Congressional Art Contest and placed third overall. The painting was exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, and Peter was awarded an American Flag which was flown over the Capitol in his name. In fall of 1990 Peter Bucks was accepted at Ray College of Design and studied to become a professional artist under the supervision and teachings of Fine Artist, Bruno Surdo.

While studying, Peter was also instructed by illustrators Thomas Gianni, Kurt Mitchell, and Fine Artist Don Pollack. In Spring of 1994 Peter graduated and began a professional freelance career illustrating for various companies and agencies in the Chicagoland area. In 1996 Peter achieved a full time position at Skyline Design where he learned the principles of building stain glass windows, sandblasting glass, faux finishing, and painting large scale murals. Many of Peter’s commercial works from Skyline Design are scattered throughout the United States and Europe.

Currently Peter has been working on private commissions, and on various illustrations on a freelance basis. Peter is also currently an associate member of the American Watercolor Society.

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Artist Mark Anderson

I consider myself to be a student of the world, happily ignoring any attempt at “photographic” representation. In fact, I’m quite content directing my attention toward the mood or quality of a particular place and moment. The energy of a mark or brush stroke is more interesting to me than the labor of highly rendered “finished” pieces. A decision to leave such preciousness behind has been a conscious one, as was the choice of simple tools used to realize such expression: a fountain pen, a tiny watercolor kit, a sketchbook made by hand from my favorite paper.

My blog, Just Sketching, featuring quick sketches of life, can be found at https://justsketches.wordpress.com

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Artist Brent Anderson

Livvy by Brent Anserson
Brent Anderson

Brent Anderson was born in Lubbock, TX in 1964. Although not formally trained as an artist, he has been an artist all his life. From an early age, he was drawn to art and could always be found creating, building, or drawing something as a child. Brent's creative side comes out in the kitchen as well, where he loves to create and experiment with new dishes. He expressed his passion for art through intricate and detailed drawings of wildlife or outdoor settings. Brent created several drawings on consignment for both individuals and for commercial applications as well. His work can be found hanging in homes across the West Texas area. Brent has been married to his beautiful wife Susan for 26 years, and has three wonderful children. Susan is a cancer survivor and will celebrate 12 years cancer free in February. He founded the 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization: In My Father's Eyes, Inc. in 2014 to bless families of children diagnosed with cancer, or families who have lost children to this horrible disease with framed portraits of these beautiful fighters. In My Father's Eyes provides all of this at no cost to the families. If you would like you can contact Brent here.

You can also find him on on the web at inmyfatherseyesportraits.com or on Instagram and  Facebook.

Artist Kerri Kutza

Kerri Kutza

Ms. Kutza is an artist residing in New York. She has studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Art is her passion.  Her work "Desserts" was inspired by an article she read which stated that drawing comfort foods makes us happier. It is done with acrylics on 400 Series Acrylic paper.

Artist Marta Oliehoek

Marta Oliehoek

Born in Krakow, Poland in the 1970s Marta discovered art already at a very young age.  Growing up “behind the Iron Curtain” where reality was often grey and grim, she found escape in colours, children’s books and their illustrations and occasional cinema screenings of Disney feature films. Marta had been drawing all her life, but only in 2015 did she decide to pursue art seriously. Since then she has been working closely with her mentor, Cindy Wider (www.drawpj.com).

Marta’s main medium is coloured pencils. It is a perfect tool for an artist-mother, working mostly at a dining table. It is safe, clean, easy to transport and move, and furthermore extremely versatile, suitable for many different styles and techniques. What Marta especially loves is the precision you can achieve with coloured pencils, the vibrancy of the colours, the painterly look achieved through layering and blending of colours and the freshness the drawings evoke.

Marta’s style is realism, but with a touch of fantasy and magic. She loves otherwordly atmosphere, vivid colours and emotional content. As much as she hopes to become the best technician she can, it is the emotions that she want to share with the world.

She has tried many different brands of paper and surfaces, but always comes back to Strathmore Bristol because of its smooth yet solid surface. The paper can take many layers of colouring and blending without losing its quality and smoothness.