Meet Artist Peter Jacobs

9.30.10 The Collage Journal, Peter Jacobs
9.30.10 From The Collage Journal. ©2011 Peter Jacobs

On March 31st 2005, Peter Jacobs created a 9 by 12 inch collage using that day’s newspaper. He has continued that process without interruption every day since.  “I produce a collage solely from the images and texts of that day’s newspaper,” says  Peter.  The Collage Journal's 2,000+ collages reside in over 170 Strathmore Watercolor pads. 

“As consistent as the newspaper is printed, each day I sit down and construct/reconstruct my visual response and internal feelings in that morning’s collage,” explains Peter. “ Like a written journal, a visual journal incorporates both personal and external experience.  The Collage Journal extends the external experience to the world, having the palette of the newspaper’s dissection of stories and images.”

The Collage Journal has become integrated in Peter’s daily life as a meditation, contemplation and re-evaluation of culture and identity.  He has not decided on an end date for this series.  “Quite possibly, the newspapers will stop production before The Collage Journal ends,” says Peter.

Read more about Peter and images from The Collage Journal in our Winter 2011 Issue of our Artist eNewsletter.

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