Alphonso Dunn's Pen & Ink Workshop

Alphonso Dunn's free Pen & Ink Workshops are now fully released and available on our YouTube Channel!

In his first video lesson, Alphonso covers the basic aspects of drawing and creating textures with pen and ink. Consistentcy in mark making is an essential foundation skill and is the first area of focus. From there Alphonso covers a few key principles of creating realistic textures and goes over helpful practice exercises.


In his second video lesson, Alphonso applies the techniques covered in lesson 1 to drawing a variety of objects with different textures. Visualizing and developing the structure of each object in terms of simple forms makes it easier to apply drawing techniques regardless of the complexity of a structure. Objects can always be broken down into simple geometric forms. Then textures can be developed in stages starting with the contour, followed by the interior of the form. To follow along and see how Alphonso applies these concepts in his videos. 

Teddy Bear


Wood Example

Bird Steps

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