American Artist’s Weekend With the Masters

Weekend With The Masters Intensive:  New York logo

Strathmore is a supporting sponsor of a unique and exciting new educational opportunity for fine artists of all skill levels. American Artist's Weekend With the Masters Intensive: New York City.

This intensive, specialized, experience will take place June 22-26, 2011 at five prestigious art institutions located throughout New York City. The workshops are designed according to a track system. Students select a specific block of study of similar subject matter, media, and style led by a group of New York-area artists including: Nelson Shanks, Odd Nerdrum, Jacob Collins, Sam Goodsell, John Howard Sanden, Susan Shatter, and others.

The historic Salmagundi Club will be the event headquarters and location for some of the evening festivities. If you have ever dreamed of immersing yourself in New York City's contemporary art scene and having access to several of the top artists leading this movement, Weekend With the Masters Intensive: New York City is for you.

You can save $100 on your new registration when you register at http://www.aamastersintensive.com/ and enter the code StrathNY when prompted during checkout. Space is limited at this unique event to ensure a meaningful experience.

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