Announcing our 2019 Online Workshops!

Our FREE Online Workshops will be returning again this March!

We have 3 new rock star artist instructors who will guide us through a series of full art workshops with video lessons and downloadable instruction sheets. You can follow along at your own pace and learn from these amazing artists... the best part? IT'S FREE!⠀

The first video lesson will be posted in our workshop website on March 4, 2019! 

Here’s what we have planned:

Workshop 1: Realistic Drawing with Charcoal
Instructor: Kirsty Partridge
Start Date: March 4, 2019

Follow along with Kirsty Partridge in this four-part online workshop series that focuses on how to create photo-realistic drawings using charcoal. Kirsty’s YouTube art channel has amassed over 21 million views because of her incredibly helpful, insightful, and creative videos on a how to draw, paint, and improve your art.

Now Kirsty has put together a special series just for us on how to create realistic drawings using charcoal. Here’s what we’ll learn:

Lesson 1: Materials and how to use them for charcoal drawings
Lesson 2: Still life drawing to learn basic techniques such as contrast, shading, blending, and layering
Lesson 3: Drawing realistic animals in charcoal
Lesson 4: Drawing a realistic portrait in charcoal


Workshop 2: Urban Sketching Essentials
Instructor: Alphonso Dunn
Start Date: May 6, 2019

Urban Sketching is one of the most fun, fulfilling, and adventurous artistic endeavors you will experience. You get to capture the world around you and leave your imprint with every sketch. There is no doubt drawing on location can be a bit intimidating. A typical scene can jolt us with an overwhelming amount of information with thousands of details! So, where do you start? Do you draw everything? And how do you put it all together? In this compact and beginner-friendly workshop you will learn the essentials you need to get going in this liberating art form. Topics include, starting supplies, drawing mechanics, watercolor basics, compositional elements, simplifying scenes, and tips and techniques for handling pen and ink. These and more will be covered. Join in to learn invaluable tips, tricks, and techniques that will inspire you to explore your world with confidence! 


Workshop 3 - Intro to Painting with Gouache
Instructor: Myriam Tillson
Start Date: September 3, 2019

This gouache workshop will be made up of 4 videos that will explore the use of gouache as a painting medium in its own right. Throughout the course, students will learn more about gouache's particular properties, how it compares to other similar paints such as watercolor and acrylic and what materials work best with it.

Viewers will start by being introduced to the paint in some detail, and will be shown which papers, brushes and tools can help enhance their experience with the medium. They will then be taught a few key tips and tricks that should help them get more familiar with gouache, and give them the basic knowledge they'll need to get a better idea of the potential of the paint. Such tips and tricks will include information on how to use gouache in an opaque manner, how best to mix it to achieve the ideal consistency, alternative ways to apply it (washes, glazes...etc...), exercises to practice the various techniques mentioned, and some examples on how to use it with its popular cousin, watercolor. 

The workshop will aim to give students a certain level of knowledge about gouache to then fuel their confidence and spark their interest and desire to explore it further in their own time. It will focus on the potential of the paint as a visual tool, and how versatile and enjoyable it is to use and experiment with. 

Gouache is a fantastically fun and useful medium, and the opportunities for experimentation and growth it opens, either used on its own, or in conjunction with other paints, are endless.

Follow along as these all-star instructors guide you through various topics and demonstrate useful tips, techniques, ideas, and inspirations to get you creating and learning even more about art.



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