Artful Letterforms

artful letterform image
Journal Page by Linda Blinn

By Visual Journal Instructor Linda Blinn

Eye-catching art can be created using letters, fonts and words, and since journals are all about the words, you might as well turn them into art!
For inspiration, select Google Images link in Google search engine and search for “letterforms.”  You will see fabulous samples of what graphic artists do with this concept.

For the collage above, I made a grid background with vintage ephemera and used four different techniques for the letters which were then attached to the background with gel medium. Top left: transparent acrylic on a dictionary page top right: gel painted with acrylics bottom left: tissue paper covered with gel medium to stiffen, then painted with acrylics bottom right: page from a books painted with acrylics.

Linda Blinn is an instructor for our 2011 Visual Journal Online Workshop Series.

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