Artist Tips from Abstract Painter – Robert Joyner

Take some tips from abstract representational artist, Robert Joyner.  Robert is the instructor for Workshop 1 - Abstract Fine Art Painting with Mixed Media – in our 2013 Online Workshop Series. The tips are from his video lesson for week 1 entitled “Introduction to Materials and Techniques.”

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Create contrast and variation in your under painting or drawing.  Lightly mist your surface creating some wet and dry areas.  This will help vary the edges of your lines from hard to soft. You can use this technique at any point in your painting. Here Robert uses Caran D’Arche Neocolor II water-soluble crayons for his under drawing. The wet and dry misted surface creates variation in his lines.  He also creates contrast in his lines by varying the pressure while drawing with the crayon.


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Mix but do not over-mix colors. For example, if you are mixing two colors, mix them “halfway” so you have a variety of color instead of just one color.


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Use transparent layers to create depth. Take the opportunity to build numerous layers of transparent paint using watered down acrylics versus only thick, opaque layers. Robert also mixes white with his acrylics to achieve opacity, and then uses “hit or miss techniques” throughout his painting, making sure that the under paintings and drawings show through.

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Use a liner brush to create linear interest.   Many artists use liner brushes to sign their paintings.  Robert really enjoys using a liner brush throughout his paintings, almost using it like a pencil.  He adds random, linear strokes, mixing thick and thin strokes as well as long and short, choppy strokes.  He encourages artists to experiment and try a liner brush to see if they enjoy painting with it.

To find out more about Robert’s techniques and tips, join our 2013 Online Workshops!  Classes are self paced and will remain open until December 31, 2013. For more information.

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