Brian Scott's "Ruina" on Strathmore's Product Catalog

UK Artist Brian Scott’s beautiful piece “Ruina” is now adorning the cover of our 2014 Product Catalog.

Strathmore Product Catalog
Brian used our 400 Series Drawing paper and Faber Castel’s Polychromos pencils along with some oil color solvent for blending to create this gorgeous work.

Brian, who resides in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a self-taught artist who is known for his emotional colored pencil portraits. His personal motto of “the next one’s got to be better than the last” has pushed him to higher standards with each image, and he usually works with a photographer in the process of creating his artwork.

Brian believes it shouldn’t matter what your artistic history or education is, but rather that you love what you are doing. With an early interest in art, he first tried oils and acrylics. He didn’t feel successful in those mediums and in 2009 turned to colored pencils. He found his niche and never looked back. He feels colored pencils are a lot cleaner than other mediums and require less room. He began challenging himself to make his pencil work look more like an oil painting rather than a traditional drawing, and developed his own signature style.

Check out Brian's progress of "Ruina", and enjoy a couple more of his beautiful pieces.

Ruina WIP
Progress of "Ruina"


Brian Scott's





Progress of "Fire"



To see more of Brian's artwork, click here.

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