Caroline Jasper: Oils on Watercolor Paper

Caroline Jasper

Artist Caroline Jasper, featured in our Summer 2012 Artist eNewsletter, uses oils on Strathmore 500 Series Gemini 300lb. Cold Press Watercolor paper and explains her technique.

“I paint oils on watercolor paper (unexpected words from an artist who works in traditional oil paint). Because watercolor paper is not suitable for oil paint it must be prepped to protect it from the oils. I apply two coats of standard white acrylic gesso on the front surface (drying in between) and one coat on the back. Both seal the surface and counterbalance potential warping which is common in surfaces coated only on the front side.”

Caroline typically uses a full sheet of 22”x30” Gemini paper, and then cuts it into rectangles a little larger than 5”x7.” Next, she  attaches each small sturdy piece to a stiff piece of cardboard backing (about 8”x10”) using masking tape to cover about 1/8” around the edge. After this process, the paper is ready to be painted on. Caroline uses Strathmore’s Gemini paper because “the paper is rigid and not prone to ‘bends’. I like its thickness, stiffness and texture.” Caroline likes the idea of working on paper for making studies versus using stretched canvas or board, which to Caroline feels too “official, too important.” On a canvas, she starts to think of her painting as finished artwork instead of a study, and she likes to stay loose by taking a sketching approach. “Studies lead to a stronger painting” states Caroline.

Caroline also likes to paint on color ground, for which her trademark is red. By starting her colorful landscape and water scenes on red ground, she’s able to invigorate visual interaction against loosely applied color marks.


"Glint", 7"x5" oil on Strathmore 500 Series Gemini Watercolor

She also explains that her paintings are always about the light, which “can dramatize the most ordinary places.”


"Through" 7"x5" oil on Strathmore 500 Series Gemini Watercolor


Light Down Petite

"Light Down Petite", 5"x7" oil on Strathmore 500 Series Gemini Watercolor

To read more about Caroline Jasper and see more of her work, download the eNewsletter: http://www.strathmoreartist.com/files/content/artistnewsletter/2012/artnews_summer2012.pdf

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