Colored Pencil How-To Series

Strathmore Art Educator and Colored Pencil Expert Sarah Becktel created an educational video series on how to use colored pencils. The series is made up of 5 videos that have become popular among thousands of artists looking to improve their colored pencil techniques and knowledge. 

In each of these short 3 to 5 minute videos, Sarah covers information on choosing the right paper, the right colored pencils, blending, using watercolor pencils, and some inspirational and creative tips.

Check out the full series below:

Video 1: How to Choose Paper for Colored Pencil:

Papers used by Sarah in video:

Video 2: Getting Started with Colored Pencil:

Video 3: Dry Methods for Blending Colored Pencil:

Video 4: Blending Colored Pencil with Solvents:

Video 5: How to use Water Soluble Colored Pencils (Watercolor Pencils):

We hope this series has helped you learn more about using colored pencils and will allow you to confidently make artwork with this versatile medium. 

See more from Sarah Becktel on her website: 

See more tutorial on Strathmore's YouTube Channel

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