COMING SOON: Strathmore Printmaking Papers

Strathmore Printmaking

This summer we are excited to be introducing a complete line of Printmaking papers for recreational, student, and professional artists.

With our 300 Series Lightweight, 400 Series Heavyweight, and 500 Series RiverPoint® Cotton printmaking papers, we’re offering a full line that will meet the range of needs for beginners, professionals and everything inbetween.

Printmaking continues to be a growing art form attracting a wide variety of artists. Yet we noticed there wasn't a complete line of papers to meet the range of needs from student to professional. With this in mind, we collaborated with the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point to create a full line of quality papers for all types of artists. Read more about our collaboration here

These papers are strong and durable yet super soft, allowing them to absorb many layers of ink. They are affordable, made in the USA, and ideal for a wide variety of printmaking techniques including relief, intaglio, lithography, screen print, and many more.

The 300 Series and 400 Series papers are available in a variety of convenient ready-to-frame sizes in glue-bound pads which allows clean and easy removal. The 400 Series is also available in large sheets. The 500 Series RiverPoint® Cotton papers are available in large sheets.

See more on the full line here.

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