Cotton Used in Art Paper


Where does the cotton fiber come from that is used in 100% cotton papers?
Cotton fiber comes from cotton rag waste and cotton linters, which is a byproduct of the ginning process.
The cotton rag waste provides sheet strength and the cotton linters add absorbency. Cotton cellulose (maincomponent of plants) is extremely strong, about 10 times stronger than wood cellulose. Cotton fibers are soft, flexible and bulky which are ideal traits for paper making. Fibers are put through a “beating” process that causes them to interlock and become very strong. Cotton fiber has a neutral pH and is naturally lignin free, making it the ultimate fiber in contributing to the permanence of paper. Look for papers with 100% cotton fibers in our 500 Series line. These products use a combination of both cotton rag and cotton linters for maximum strength, softness, durability and permanence.

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