Create More, Share More, Strathmore!

This summer we ventured into our local Wisconsin streets and gave away bags of free art materials as part of our Create More, Share More project! We attended 3 separate events in our community where our team set up a station and packed hundreds of giveaway bags. 

Each person that stopped by got 1 bag that included a Strathmore pad and complementary art supplies. As people strolled past we'd raise our beige-colored bags stuffed with fine art goodies and say “Would you like a free bag of art supplies?”  The typical reaction was, “What?” To which we’d reply by repeating, “Would you like a free bag of art supplies?” We received an understandable mix of responses from “Why are you doing this?” to “What’s the catch?” to “Wow, really?! I’m an artist… thank you!” To those who wondered “what’s the catch,” we'd assure them there was no catch and we promised we wouldn't ask for their email address (although we do have a great quarterly artist e-newsletter with fabulous art tips, inspiration, techniques, news and resources. >>insert shameless newsletter plug ;-) << Click here to sign up and receive it every season!). To those who asked why we were doing this, we’d explain the goals of our program.


  1. Bring more art to our local community
  2. Inspire more people to give art a try or to keep making more art
  3. Encourage people to share the gift of their art or art materials with someone who would appreciate it
  4. To do a random act of kindness and encourage others to do the same!

We hope you’ll be inspired to do your own random act of artistic kindness in your community. Tell us about it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #CreateMoreShareMore.

Check out the video from one of our Create More, Share More events last year at Appleton's "Art on the Town" and photos of the different events we attended throughout this summer and last. 


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