DIY 4th of July Watercolor Cupcake Toppers

Patriotic Cupcakes

It's 4th of July week! We dressed up some delicious cupcakes and made them patriotic by creating watercolor cupcake toppers! If cupcakes are on the menu for your 4th of July celebration, see how we made these and give them a try for yourself! We've included a free downloadable cupcake topper template at the end of this post.


  • Free downloadable 4th of July cupcake topper template (links are at the end of this post)
  • Strathmore Watercolor Paper - we used 400 Series Watercolor
  • Printer
  • Watercolor Paint - Red & Blue 
  • Watercolor Brush
  • Toothpicks
  • Tape and/or glue

First we trimmed down our 400 Series Watercolor paper to 8.5"x11" size so we could run it through the printer.

Strathmore Watercolor Pad

Please note we do not typically recommend our watercolor paper for printers, but in this case it worked well with the template and we hope it works well for your printers at home, too!

Printed Template

Next, we watercolored the entire sheet before cutting out the individual circles. We put a wash of water over the sheet first, then dropped, painted and splattered watercolor onto the page to give it a firework-looking effect.

Watercolored Toppers

Watercolored Toppers Close Up

After the watercolor dried, we cut out the individual circles.

Watercolor Toppers Cut out

Next, either tape or glue toothpicks to the back of the toppers. First we taped the toothpick to the back of one topper, then glued a second topper to the back of the first topper so the toothpick was in the middle and both sides showed our watercolored image.

Stick them in your cupcakes and enjoy!

Finished Cupcakes

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