Fall Newsletter Featuring Photographer Dan Burkholder

The Fall Edition of our Artist Newsletter is here! Featured artist Dan Burkholder gives an inside look at how he takes his photography to the next level by printing on translucent vellum paper and mounting gold leaf, silver or palladium to the back for a beautiful effect. Read more in the Artist Newsletter and see his process so you can try it for yourself.


NEW! Strathmore Mixed Media Postcards
Our new Mixed Media Postcards come in a convenient postcard size with the front left blank for your art and the back printed with an address panel and postal insignia.  Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

FW Acrylic Artists Ink
Have you tried FW Acrylic Artists Ink? It’s made with real pigment, not dyes, so your work is lightfast, lively and permanent. Available in 45 vibrant colors and 22 pearlescent colors, all fully intermixable. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

2018 Online Workshops – Finding the Focus in Your Painting
Our FREE Online Workshops are available until Dec. 31, 2018! Watch all 4 video lessons from Bob Burridge on oil painting. If you’ve always wanted to try it but didn’t know where to start, Bob’s lessons are perfect for you. You can follow along to each tutorial on our workshop website at your own pace. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

Easy DIY Holiday Watercolor Card
Check out our step-by-step process for creating a fun and easy holiday watercolor card. Anyone on your nice list would love receiving a special, handmade greeting. See the steps in the Artist Newsletter.

Questions from our Website:
What is the difference between mixed media and watercolor paper?
While there are many similarities between mixed media and watercolor paper, the biggest difference is the surface, making them ideal for different applications. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

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