Fiber Inclusions

Strathmore’s new Toned Sketch paper has “kraft and bark fiber inclusions.” What are fiber inclusions?


Fiber inclusions are fibers added to paper for the sole purpose of creating a decorative or visual effect. Our new 400 Series Recycled Toned Sketch papers incorporate the natural colors of two different types of inclusions – kraft fibers and plant material. The result is a soft, natural look compared to traditional art papers, such as pastel papers, which typically use dyed rayon fibers.

Kraft fiber is created from a specific pulp-making process that uses wood chips and results in very strong papers. Most cardboard boxes and grocery bags are manufactured from kraft fibers. In our case, we use a small amount of acid-free kraft fibers to create visual interest.


files/content/blog/2012/fiber inclusion.jpg
The unbleached kraft fibers in our Recycled Toned Sketch appear as fine strands throughout the paper and feature the kraft’s natural color which is brown or tan. You will also see random patterns of small flecks throughout the paper. This visual effect is created with plant materials (usually waste from another process) such as tree bark. For more information on new Toned Sketch paper.

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