Find the Thistle!

Strathmore’s iconic thistle symbol is incorporated into every 400 Series pad cover in some way, shape or form? It may resemble our circular thistle logo or it may be a literal interpretation of the thistle plant. Either way, you can be sure to find it on all of our green and brown pad covers.

The thistle has been a symbol of excellence in art papers from Strathmore's early beginnings. In fact, the Strathmore name and thistle originated in the late 1800's when our founder, Horace Moses, visited the Valley of Strathmore in Scotland and was inspired by the beauty of the thistle in full bloom. The site impressed him so much that he started using the name Strathmore and the thistle as a symbol of high quality art and printing papers.

If you’re curious about what the 400 Series line is and what our other Series numbers mean, find out HERE.

 Grab your brown or green pad and see if you can find the thistle!

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