Finished Pass the Journal Book!

Book 8, Smyth, of our Pass the Journal project is finished! It traveled through the US, England and Ireland, and was filled with artwork by different artists at each stop along the way.

We made a video showing each page in the book, along with the artist and location for each piece of artwork. 

Thank you to all the artists who contributed to our collaborative art project! We've loved seeing all the unique pieces and creativity! Here's a look at each page inside the book:

Raul Salas

Joey Zazueta

Justin Gilzene

Unknown Artist

Kayla Salisbury

Laura Schrampfer

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

Joanna Dane

Kate Mothes

Eoin Francis McCormack

Ronan McGeough

Steven Kraan

Michael Seymour Blake

Chelsey Culmann

Kristopher Kotcher

Kevin Hennessy

Tyler Krasowski

If you aren’t familiar with our Pass the Journal project, just over a year ago we sent 12 Strathmore Art Journals to artists throughout the US, the UK and Spain to be filled. Since then, the 12 books have traveled to 22 states within the US and 11 different countries.

Each book is named after something significant to the Strathmore brand and has its own unique story. Every book also has its own virtual tracking map on the Pass the Journal website. When an artist receives one of the books, they create original artwork across a page spread. They upload their work and artist profile to the Pass the Journal website where it gets added to a tracking map with a pin mark. When a pin mark is clicked, the artwork and artist profile for that location is displayed on the site. The artist then passes the book to another artist of their choosing to continue the cycle.


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