How to Make a Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet

Many of the papers in our line work beautifully for shaping, molding, and creating 3D pieces of art. Recently a bride asked us about how to make a paper flower bouquet for her wedding, and we thought it sounded like a great idea! Many of our papers provide interesting textures and colors along with the appropriate weights that are needed to hold up to molding and shaping the paper. Also, using acid free, high quality paper is important to make sure the paper will last over time and won’t fade or deteriorate.

Here are the steps showing how we created our paper bouquet:


  • Paper – we used 400 Series Toned Gray, 400 Series Drawing which has a beautiful, cream color, Gray Textured Paper, and a piece of polka dot scrapbook paper to add a pattern.
  • Flower Wire – we used white
  • Floral Stem Wire – we used white
  • Pearl Flower Stamens
  • Ribbon (to wrap the stem of the bouquet) – we used white
  • Pearl Pins
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors




Place a pearl flower stamen in the center of a flower wire and fold the flower wire in half over the center of the pearl flower stamen. Twist the wire together.

Stem with Pearls

Cut a small square piece of paper (about 2"x2") and fold it in half. Choose whatever type of paper you want as the center of your flower.

Place the wire ontop of the folded square piece of paper with the tip of the triangle pointing down and let the pearl stamens come just above the paper. Glue the paper onto the wire using a glue gun.

Stem with Triangle

Begin to roll the piece of paper so it wraps around the wire. Add a spot of glue half way through rolling it up, and on the inside as you are finishing rolling it up so it stays in place.

Rolling The Triangle

Cut flower petals from whichever paper you choose. We decided to do rounded flower petals that are about 3 inches in length, but you can experiment with different shapes.


Add the first flower petal to the wire by putting a line of glue across the bottom of the petal, then wrapping it around the wire and pinching the bottom together. Continue adding flowers in different spots around the wire by gluing the bottom of the petals, then wrapping them around the wire.

Adding Petals

Once your flower is the size you’d like, wrap the wire stem with floral tape.

Tape the Stem

Follow the same steps to make as many flowers as you’d like your bouquet to have. Our bouquet has a total of 11 paper flowers.

Flowers for Bouquet

After all of your flowers are made, gather them and arrange them in a bundle in your hand.

Gather Flowers

Once all flowers are in place and you are happy with how your bouquet looks, start wrapping all the stems together with floral tape.

Tape Stem

Taped Stem

Wrap the floral wire with your ribbon and use the pearl pins to secure the ribbon in place in the stem of the bouquet. Make sure to push the pins in at an angle so they don’t poke out the back side of the stem.


Voila! A beautiful paper flower bouquet that will last!

Finished Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Steps

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