2012 Online Workshop - Week 1 Artwork

Take a look at some of the fantastic artwork created by students enrolled in our 2012 Online Workshops! These pieces were inspired by our first Workshop Video entitled “Doodles Unleashed”, by Traci Bautista. The Workshop Series started January 1, 2012. If you haven’t registered yet, no need to worry! You can register now and get immediate access to the first 2 weeks of Traci’s Workshop. These are free, self-paced, and will continue through August 1, 2012. For more info: http://www.strathmoreartist.com/workshop-reg.html

Brigitte van Tienhoven
By: Brigitte van Tienhoven

files/content/online_workshops/Cheryl Razmus- Traci Week 1.jpg
By: Cheryl Razmus
"To the Max"
Crown Point, Indiana

files/content/online_workshops/Hermine- Traci Week 1.jpg
By: Hermine Koster
Oisterwijk, Netherlands

files/content/online_workshops/Kimberly Santini- Traci Week 1.jpg
By: Kimberly Kelly Santini
"Blooms I"
Lake Orion, Michigan

files/content/online_workshops/Melva Bates- Traci Week 1.jpg
By: Melva Bates
"Flowering Freely"
Alicante, Spain

files/content/online_workshops/Marnie Blum- Traci Week 1.jpg
By: Marnie Blum
Wake Forest, North Carolina

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