2014 Online Workshops - Workshop 1 Back to Basics

2014 Online Workshops

Workshop 1 of our free 2014 Online Workshops are now in full swing! All four video lessons from Instructor Earnest Ward in his Back to Basics series are now available.

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Here are the video lessons that are currently available:

Workshop 1 Week 1: Line and Shape

Week 1

Workshop 1 Week 2: Tone and Form

Week 2

Workshop 1 Week 3: Creating Pictoral Space


Workshop 1 Week 4: The Path Less Traveled

Week 4

Our Online Workshops are free and self-paced. After a video lesson is released, it will remain open until December 31, 2014.

Earnest has also gone out of his way to supplement Workshop 1 with all sorts of extra info related to the video lessons, and he’s even created some free bonus videos that you can find on his blog.

Workshop 2, Visual Journal Fodder, with Journal Fodder Junkies Eric Scott & David Modler will begin on May 5, 2014.

 Eric ScottDavid Modler











Instructor Eric Scott                              Instructor David Modler

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