2017 Online Workshops

If you haven't checked out our free 2017 Online Workshops, it's not too late!

All video lessons for each of the three topics are now available on our Online Workshop Website

Strathmore’s Online Workshops feature free video lessons and downloadable instructions created by experienced artists. Follow along in the online classroom as instructors guide you through various topics and demonstrate useful tips, techniques, ideas, and inspirations to get you creating and learning even more about art.

Here's the lineup:

Workshop 1: Brush Lettering and Watercolor
Instructor: Jess Park

This workshop contains two components: the basics of brush lettering (a form of modern calligraphy) and loose watercolor painting. Learn what supplies are needed to start brush lettering, as well as the fundamental strokes that make up the letters of the alphabet. Next, learn how to use watercolor to complement your lettering with expressive background washes and beautiful flora. Jess will guide you through these two skills and teach you how incorporate them to create gorgeous pieces.

Workshop 2: Techniques in Pastel Art
Instructor: Amy Pearce Stone

In this 4 lesson pastel course, Amy will create a series of art projects. Each lesson will incorporate a number of techniques, tips, and tricks of using both oil and soft pastels. Amy will cover things such as composition, drawing, value choices and voices, value blending, creative texturing, simplicity versus complexity, confidence, perseverance, and personal creativity. Whether you are a seasoned pastel artist, or are picking up pastels for the first time, you are sure to enjoy these lessons, and find inspiration and encouragement in your own creative process. 

Workshop 3: Ethereal Mixed Media on Toned Paper
Instructor: Georgina Kreutzer

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail,” said Abraham Maslow in 1966. This sentiment perfectly outlines why Georgina loves mixing various media as an extremely flexible and advantageous technique for creating art. Knowing how to use a wide array of art-making tools and products is powerful when approaching any kind of challenging subject. It’s also vital for beginning artists to experiment and learn which kinds of media resonate with their own artistic direction. This four-lesson workshop will guide you through Georgina’s techniques in mixed media art using pencils, soft pastels, inks and acrylics, with an aim to leave you confident in finding your own set of preferred skills.

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