3 Fun and Easy DIY Watercolor Cards

Give these 3 fun and easy DIY watercolor cards a try! Whether you're a seasoned watercolorist or beginner, anyone can make these approachable cards. They can be easily customized for any occasion so you can make someone's day with a handmade greeting.






Use painters tape or artist’s tape to tape edges of card to a board. You can choose how think or thick you’d like the border to be. They are about ¼” thick in example. Use your finger to firmly seal the edges.

Tape two strips of painters tape together and cut a rectangle from them. Place on center of card. Press firmly to seal edges.


Tape Edges

Drop liquid watercolor randomly on card and use a straw to blow it in different directions. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The liquid watercolors mix very well together, so think about the colors you’re using and what types of color mixes you want as an outcome (i.e. yellow+ blue = green).

*Tip: if you don’t have a straw handy, use a rolled up piece of paper as shown in video.

Tape middle

Continue splashing colors until you are satisfied with the look. You can also sprinkle drops down and leave them scattered on the card.

LET IT DRY, then remove tape. Be sure the watercolor is completely dry before attempting to remove the tape so you keep crisp, clean edges.


Use graphite to lightly pencil in a word or phrase. Your eraser is your friend! Don’t be afraid to use it and write your letters multiple times until you’re satisfied.

Use a permanent ink pen to trace over your letters. Let it dry completely, then erase your pencil marks.


Experiment with different splashes, colors and designs.




Use painters tape or artist’s tape to tape edges of card to a board. Use your finger to firmly seal the edges.

 Use ¼” painters tape to create a geometric design on card. Press tape down firmly with fingertip to seal all the edges.

Paint the different sections of the card with the watercolors of your choosing and in the style of your choosing.

LET IT DRY, then carefully and slowly remove the tape.

Add words and phrases to the card if desired using permanent ink pen. Use graphite pencil to lightly write words and phrases prior to using permanent ink if desired.




Choose a shape for your watercolor galaxy: triangle, circle, diamond, heart, etc.


Lightly trace your shape.

*TIP: If you choose a shape with straight edges (diamond, triangle), use painters tape to create the shape. Paint your entire galaxy with the tape on the card, then remove the tape when paint is dry.

Loosely paint a night sky or a sunset sky inside the shape.

*TIP: Don’t worry if the background isn’t perfect – it will add to the galaxy effect.

Let watercolor dry. Squeeze a dab of white acrylic onto folded paper or thick cardstock. Dip a stiff bristle brush in water and flick brush against card to spritz stars onto sky. Spritz as many stars on as you like.

*TIP: You can also use an old toothbrush to dip into water & acrylic mix, then use fingers to spritz bristles to add stars to sky.

Use a fine tipped brush to make some of the stars larger (make them into plus signs with longer lines going vertically).

Let the paint dry. Use a permanent ink pen to add tree silhouettes in front of galaxy sky.

Leave as is or use permanent ink pen to add a message. Optional: use graphite pencil first to lightly pencil in words. Don’t be afraid to use your eraser and re-write your phrase if needed until satisfied.

Erase pencil marks after ink has dried.


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