In My Father's Eyes


Artist Brent Anderson is using his artistic talent in a beautiful, generous and moving way. A few years ago, Brent felt called to create and donate portraits for the families of children with cancer. Unsure of what the reaction may be, he shied away from this idea and pursued art in other ways. Then just this past July, he decided he couldn’t shake his desire to pursue his idea any longer. With the encouragement of his wife, he made his first terrifying phone call to a local hospital. The reaction he received was the best he could have hoped for – he was welcomed with open arms and hospitals and families have been exceedingly receptive.  

Currently, Brent works with Child Life Departments of local hospitals to identify families who could be blessed with a portrait. He visits with the families to explain the program. The family gives Brent a number of photos to choose from, and Brent creates his drawing. When it is complete, he presents it to the family along with a certificate that allows them to have the portrait custom framed. The families do not have to pay a dime for any of it. Brent has now created a 501c3 non-profit called “In My Father's Eyes”.

Brent has been drawing as long as he can remember. He is self-taught and has an amazing natural ability. He uses Strathmore 300 Series Bristol paper and Pentel mechanical pencils & leads for the detail work in his drawings. All the portraits he creates for the program are graphite only. Once finished, they are sprayed with a Krylon fixative.

Thank you Brent for sharing your amazing story and talent with us, and thank you for the program you’ve created. If you’re interested in learning about how you can help this program expand, contact Brent Anderson at andersonbrent02@gmail.com or visit his website: In My Father's Eyes

Bernice Presentation
Brent and Bernice




Caleb Presentation
Brent and Caleb

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