Introducing Strathmore Canvas Panels!

BIG NEWS! We are excited to introduce Strathmore Canvas Panels in 5 sizes!⁠⁠

Strathmore 300 Series Canvas Panels are 100% cotton, triple-primed and have a medium grain, traditional canvas texture. They are ideal for practice or finished artwork by artists of all skill levels.

They are excellent for use with acrylic, oil and water mixable oil paint. No gesso or prep is required prior to working on these sturdy surfaces. They are also great for heavy applications of mixed media, collage and impasto.

Find them in these sizes:⁠⁠
► 5"x7" (16 per pack)⁠⁠
► 8"x10" (10 per pack)⁠⁠
► 9"x12" (8 per pack)⁠⁠
► 11"x14" (6 per pack)⁠⁠
► 12"x16" (3 per pack)⁠⁠

Here's a close-up look at the surface texture:

Check out these beautiful, vibrant acrylic paintings artist Rachel Christopoulos made on our new Canvas Panels:

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