Introducing Strathmore® Writing


For centuries, hand written letters were the primary way people communicated over distances. However, in the last few decades emails, text messages and social media posts have proliferated to the point of becoming the primary manner of written communication. With this recent shift, people have come to appreciate mindful communication even more – giving new significance to the act of hand writing with pen and ink, the art of hand lettering, and sending and receiving physical mail.                  

There is a certain charm and significance that digital communication can’t match given the extra effort it takes to put pen to paper. In this digital age who doesn’t love getting a real letter or seeing characters artfully formed on a page? It carries with it a special fondness, authenticity, and aspect of nostalgia.

Using ink to write on a real surface is a richly rewarding and interactive experience. To celebrate thoughtful communication, the timeless art of calligraphy, and the physical act of putting tangible ink to beautiful paper, we are introducing a full line of high-quality cream writing papers.  The range of formats in the Strathmore Writing line allows individuals to share this special form of communication with others or keep their own personal chronicles. 

Strathmore® Writing is available in the following formats:

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