Introduction to Gouache: Artist How-To Series

Professional gouache artist Jess Chung created a series of videos  to guide you through the workings of painting with gouache. Jess begins in video 1 by giving an overview of the medium itself, along with the materials. Next, Jess walks you through basic techniques in video 2, detail techniques in video 3 and pulls it all together to create landscapes in video 4.

Series preview:

Materials used in this series:

Check out the full series below:

Video 1: Gouache 101 & Materials:

Video 2: Basic Techniques:

Video 3: Detailed Techniques:

Video 4: Landscapes:

We hope you enjoyed this short series on gouache and that it provided useful techniques and inspiration for painting with this medium. Now it’s your turn to start exploring gouache on your own and see what you can create!

Check out more teachings and art inspiration by Jess on her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hNpiVUAzlE3c7L-0G1GnA.

See more tutorials on Strathmore’s YouTube Channel:

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