Introduction to Inks: Artist How-To Series

In this guided how-to series, mixed media artist Alice Coles demonstrates how to paint with inks. In the first video she covers an overview of inks and supplies. Next, she talks through specific ink techniques in video 2 and in the 3rd video she explains detail mixed media techniques that can be used. In the final video of the series, Alice shows us the process of creating an abstract portrait with inks and mixed media techniques.

Here's a preview:

Materials used in this series:

Check out the full series below:

Video 1: Intro & Supplies:

Video 2: Ink Techniques:

Video 3: Mixed Media:

Video 4: Abstract Portrait:

We hope you enjoyed this short series on inks and that it provided useful inspiration and skills to use when creating. Now it’s your turn to start exploring inks and mixed media on your own and see what you can create!

You can find more art inspiration and teachings on Alice’s YouTube channel:

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