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Journal Page from Linda Blinn
Journal Page from Instructor Linda Blinn

By Visual Journal Instructor Linda Blinn

Once you start a visual journal you will see the possibilities for individual journals that focus on one topic: for instance, a color journal. Any size of Strathmore Visual Journals with watercolor or mixed media paper provides a perfect format for mixing and testing colors and creating color combinations for future projects.

Other topics for journals include those that focus on the kitchen or the outdoors.

Kitchen Journal
A kitchen is often the most interactive area of a home and keeping a kitchen journal enables you to record the rituals of daily life. Capture life in small details: a sketch of a chair, a graphic label from a bottle of olive oil or a family recipe.

Nature Journal
This fosters quiet introspection as you slow down to observe the subtleties outside. Watercolor, sketching, leaf printing, pressing flowers and collecting stones, shells, pods and moss result in beautiful tactile pages.

Linda Blinn is an instructor for our 2011 Visual Journal Online Workshop Series.

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