Ken Avidor Sketches NAMTA 2013!

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Artist Ken Avidor sketches the International Art Materials Association (NAMTA) Trade Show held May 1-3, 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ken captures the essence of this annual event through his sketch montages complete with captions.

Demonstrating our 400 Series Toned Sketch paper, Ken blended into the background of the event while documenting the various interactions and conversations between the Strathmore team, art material distributors and art retailers as they discussed new products at the show.  If you attended this trade show, you might recognize yourself… or other industry “characters” in his pen, colored pencil and pastel pencil drawings.   Ken is an artist, illustrator and cartoonist from St. Paul, Minnesota.

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           files/content/blog/2013 Blog/Ken sketches NAMTA.JPG

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