Master Penman Jake Weidmann - Calligraphy Demo

Jake Weidmann

Jake Weidmann is 1 of 11 Master Penman in the world. We were fortunate enough to have Jake demoing in our booth at the 2015 Art Materials World Show where he worked on our new line of Strathmore Writing papers. 

Watch this short video which features Jake scribing the words "Ornamental Penmanship." 

Here is the finished piece:
Ornamental Penmanship


Jake created a beautiful assortment while he was in our booth:

Jake Weidmann's Pieces

Beauty in the Written Form

Jake Weidmann Bird

The Hand Romances the Eye


Flourish Daily

Jake is not only a talented calligrapher, but also an incredibly talented artists, sculptor and woodworker. Click here to see more of his work on his website. 

To learn more about the Writing products that Jake demoed on, click here
Strathmore Writing

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