Meet Rusty Gilligan

Meet Rusty Gilligan, comic book artist/inker/author since 1978… and loyal Strathmore Bristol user.

“I always use Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Smooth,” says Rusty.  “It's perfect for the commercial inks and paints that I use while maintaining a white gloss for professional scanning.”

“When I get artwork to ink for publication, I bring the image in Photoshop, clean it up, and convert the image to blue-line (turning the art blue),” explains Rusty. “I then trim a 9” x 12" 300 Series Strathmore Bristol Smooth sheet and print it out. I ink/paint directly on the sheet, scan it, and send it off the publisher.”  Thanks for being a loyal Strathmore customer, Rusty!

files/content/blog/2011/1_super.jpg files/content/blog/2011/2_symbol.jpg files/content/blog/2011/rustyinked.jpg
Art by Rusty Gilligan.
MAIN Publishing Press Preview, MAIN Publishing 2005.
“The Super,” ©2005, 2011 Rusty Gilligan
"The Symbol" by Rusty Gilligan
©2001, 2011 Rusty Gilligan
Art inked by Rusty Gilligan. 
JGM Universe Index, JGM Comics and Arcana Comics, 2011.
All Characters are created and Copyright Joe Martino with the exception of Ripperman which is copyright Arcana Comics.

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