NEW! Learning Series Hand Lettering Pads

NEW! Adorable Hand Lettering from the Strathmore Learning Series!

This new instructional pad from the Strathmore Learning Series features Maureen Wilson’s lessons, tips and techniques for adorable hand lettering. The pad features 7 instruction pages, 12 step-by-step hand lettering lessons, 12 sheets of Bristol Smooth paper for each lesson, and video tutorials on

In addition to the Adorable Hand Lettering pad, we also worked with Maureen to create a Hand Lettering Basics pad to get you started with this whimsical art form. This pad also contains 12 step-by-step lessons, 12 blank sheets of Bristol Smooth paper, and video lessons that you can follow along to. 

Check out the FREE Adorable Hand Lettering video lesson and see a preview of the other lessons. 

What is Strathmore's Learning Series?

The Strathmore Learning Series is a line of instructional art pads is designed for beginning artists and for those looking to try a new style of art.

The Learning Series integrates a pad of quality art paper with both traditional and video-based instruction developed by professional art instructors. This "blended" learning approach enables you to follow, at your own pace, the step-by-step directions included in the Learning Series pad. It also allows you to see how these talented, professional artists create that very same piece of art.

Learning Series products deliver the instruction and the motivation to stimulate your artistic talent and help you quickly learn how to make wonderful works of art you’ll be proud to share.

There are 9 different Learning Series pads on the following topics:


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