New Pad Covers Feature Work from Diverse Group of Artists

The work of twenty five different artists is featured on the new covers of our Strathmore 300, 400 and 500 Series of Fine Art Pads. Strathmore Artist Papers selected a diverse group of artists to create work that represents each of our different surfaces.

files/content/featuredproducts/new_pad_features/300_artist_images.jpg Strathmore 300 Series Fine Art Pads feature the artwork of SCAD foundation studies students. Foundation studies professor John Rise led the group of SCAD students in the collaboration with Strathmore to create a variety of classic still life images representative of artwork created in foundation-level college art classes.

"The still life study is an essential and historical tradition for artists, making it the perfect subject to represent our 300 Series Fine Art Pads," says Marketing Manager Sue List who worked with Professor Rise and the students. "And, it is likely that no artist is more familiar with still life art than a college art student. Each of the students exceeded our expectations in regards to responsiveness, professionalism and the quality of their submissions."

See their artwork and meet the artists.


For the 400 Series Fine Art Pads, the subject of the art was open to the artist. However, you will find the iconic thistle incorporated into each art piece featured on our 400 Series Pads. The thistle has been a symbol of excellence in art papers since Strathmore's early beginnings. In fact, the Strathmore name and thistle originated in the late 1800's when our founder Horace Moses visited the Valley of Strathmore in Scotland. He was so inspired by the beauty of the thistle in full bloom that he used it to symbolize the company's standard of high quality.

"As individuals look to see how each artist incorporated the thistle, they become engaged with the art," says Marketing Manager Jeanette Gile. "It's interesting to see the diverse and creative approaches to the project." 

See their artwork and meet the artists.




Art by Melissa B. Tubbs - 500 Series Bristol Plate

Our 500 Series Fine Art Pads feature the artist's interpretation of the Strathmore corner emboss stamp displayed on our 500 Series sheets. "To professional artists, it symbolizes the ultimate in quality and consistency.  We asked artists to re-create that mark in their own style," explains Jeanette Gile.

The new pad covers began shipping to fine art stores in May 2011. In addition to being featured on pad covers, the artists' work will appear on Strathmore Artist Papers website and in a variety of other marketing materials.

See their artwork and meet the artists.

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