New Series of Paper Cutting Videos!

As part of a new Artist-How to Series featuring the ancient art of paper cutting, we worked with Grace Hart to demonstrate this beautiful practice. Learn about the process, techniques and materials needed to create your own paper cuts in videos 1, 2 and 3.

VIDEO 1: Intro to Paper Cutting
An introduction to the art form in which Grace covers materials needed and basic paper cutting tips and techniques.

Materials for Paper Cutting:

-Strathmore 300 Series Drawing Paper
-Knife and #11 Excel Blades
-Pencil Sharpener
-Self-healing Cutting Mat
-Metal Ruler

A Tip from Grace: Start at the strong points and cut to the weak points. For example, in the video Grace demonstrates cutting out a patch of grass. She starts by cutting at the base of the grass, moving up to the tips so the paper doesn't tear. 

VIDEO 2: Sketching & Cutting your Piece
A demonstration of creating a paper cut from start to finish. Grace starts with a sketch on paper. She leaves the shaded areas and cuts away the white to reveal the final piece. 

A tip from Grace: Make sure as you're laying out your piece you think about the connection points and a solid foundation. You don't want to cut away pieces of the paper that are connecting the design. 

VIDEO 3: Framing Your Paper Cut
Grace demonstrates two ways to frame your final piece.
1. Mount your art to an acid free backing and use a traditional frame
2. Frame your piece between two pieces of glass in a floating frame

Check out Grace's Etsy Shop to see more!

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