New Topics in the Strathmore Learning Series!

We’ve added 3 new titles to our Learning Series Family!

Our Learning Series pads are perfect for those who are new to art or who want to try a new style. Each Learning Series pad incorporates step-by-step art lessons developed by popular instructors, with the appropriate Strathmore paper for completing each lesson. Each lesson in the pad also comes with online video tutorials on so you can follow along and watch the instructor.

Here's a bit more information about each of the new topics:

We worked with Maureen Wilson to develop this pad which shows you how to get started with the art of hand lettering.

What is hand lettering?
It is the art of drawing and combining letter forms to create a hand crafted design. It couples hand-rendered drawing with the written word to create unique pieces. 

The Learning Series Hand Lettering Basics pad comes with tips and techniques from Maureen to get you started and become familiar with the fundamentals of this aft form. Then you'll find 12 step-by-step lessons, 12 sheets of Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper (1 per lesson) and 12 video tutorials on where you can follow along to the lesson with Maureen. 

Learn more about the Hand Lettering Basics pad here.

Cynthia Knox is an award-winning artist who has authored numerous art instruction books and kits and is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. We worked with Cynthia to create 2 Colored Pencil pads – How to Draw Nature in Colored Pencils and How to Draw Textures in Colored Pencils.

Each of the pads come with pages of colored pencil tips and techniques to help you learn technical skills, then put them to use. With 12 step-by-step lessons, 12 sheets of Bristol Vellum paper (1 per lesson) and 12 video tutorials on to follow along to, you'll be giving your colored pencils a good workout. 

Learn more about the Colored Pencil pads here.

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