Nicole Santo's Brush Lettering Workshops

Nicole Santo Watercolor Brush Lettering

Designer Nicole Santo recently taught two lovely and inspiring lettering workshops at Fullosophie in San Francisco, CA: Brushstroke Lettering, and Watercolor Brush Lettering. There were even mimosa’s involved… we wish we could have been there!

Brush Lettering Workshop

Nicole used our 500 Series Marker pads for the workshops, which we thought was an interesting and unique use for that paper. Nicole’s students use paper guidelines and need to be able to see through the sheet which is why the Marker paper worked well. It is a semi-transparent, 100% cotton sheet that is lightweight at 13.5lb. (50gsm). Students used black india ink, gold gouache and watercolors during the class, and the results were beautiful!

Nicole believes there is beauty in your handwriting and everyone has their own unique voice. In her classes, she teaches starting with the basics and working off the handwriting that each individual already possesses.

Nicole is a Visual Display Artist for Wellen and designs paper goods and hand-drawn art for Bash, Please. Visit Nicole's website to see more:

Thank you to Fullosophie for the beautiful photos of the workshop. Fullosophie celebrates artists, artisans and makers and connects them through intimate, hands-on workshops. If you’re in the San Fransisco, Chicago or Dallas area, check to see if there’s a workshop for you: Fullosophie

Brush Lettering Workshop

Brush Lettering Workshop

Watercolor Brush Strokes

Nicole Santo

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