Oil Painting Workshop with Robert Burridge

If you've always wanted to try oil painting but didn't know where to start, Robert Burridge's free online workshop series is for you! 

He breaks down this intimidating medium to make it approachable and fun. Let us emphasize the word FUN! Robert has incredible energy and passion. His enthusiasm is contagious. Give him 3 minutes and you'll be hooked, itching to learn more. He's a professional artist who has years of training and experience. You'll learn about fundamental art principles like composition, color theory, lighting, proper materials, and studio setup. Aside from all the immensely powerful art knowledge you'll gain, you'll feel inspired and confident about creating vibrant, beautiful paintings.


Lesson 1: Setting Up Your Studio to Paint - WATCH HERE

No matter what Robert paints, he approaches all of his work with the 4 C's: concept, composition, color combination, and commitment. Download the complimentary instruction sheet for lesson 1 here


Lesson 2: Light Source and Intro to Rembrandt Style Lighting - WATCH HERE

In drawing or painting, it’s not always about detail. Many painters worry about doing the details first. Robert believes it’s about getting the gesture of darks and the gesture of lights down first. Where is the light coming from and where are the darks? Get this established and the rest falls into place. Download the complimentary instruction sheet for lesson 2 here

Light Source:

Lesson 3: Painting Floral Still Lifes - WATCH HERE
One of the most popular assignments in Robert's 'Loosen Up' Workshop is painting loose and juicy flower bouquets. Start off by splashing and making a big mess. Learn about the negative shape painting technique, focal points, dominant and spice colors, and you'll have a gorgeous bouquet before you know it. Download the complimentary instruction sheet for lesson 3 here

Lesson 4: Color Lesson and Finishing Touches
Determining your color combination before you even begin a painting will keep you on track and more focused. Different combinations of color convey different feelings, emotions and reactions… from soft and pleasing to energetic and tense. There are many color combinations that can be explored, all from Robert's Goof-Proof Color Wheel. Download the complimentary instruction sheet for lesson 4 here

The Robert Burridge Goof-Proof Color Wheel:

Here's an excerpt from Robert:

"I describe myself as a Colorist – I enjoy working with color combinations. I will sometimes choose a color combination that I don’t even like – just to push myself and spark my imagination.

Exercises like that – plus others… like painting upside down, painting with my non-dominant hand, painting with my fingers, sticks, towels, etc… all help my creativity and exploration. I continue to teach myself how to paint."

More inspirational musings from Robert:

↠ Add “what if” to your creative self – I’m more interested in what I don’t know I can do than what I know I can do.

↠ You cannot wait until you get better. Do the best you can now, today. And you will get better at what you want to create.

↠ Believing you are creative is 50% of the creative process.

↠ It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

↠ Don’t let others limit you because THEY can’t imagine doing it themselves.

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