Online Students Sketch with Toned Paper

Strathmore Online Workshop 2 entitled “Sketching and Drawing with Toned Paper” is now open! See how using toned paper with black and white pencil brings a whole new dimension to drawing.  Instructor Stephen Cefalo shows students how it is possible to work in both light and dark tones, creating an instant sense of relief from the page. Students experiment using Strathmore 400 Series Toned Sketch paper.

In week 1, instructor Stephen Cefalo encourages students to study light and shadow on toned paper. Students create their own diagrams referencing a photograph as a guide. They locate and label light mass, shadow mass, terminator, halftone, form shadow, cast shadow, dark accent, reflected light, and highlight.

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Week 1 Student Work
Donna Leiber
Temecula, CA


In Week 2, Stephen shares his techniques for drawing the head or portrait. Topics include “blocking” the head, finding angle relationships and establishing proportions. Here students exercise what they’ve learned working from the same reference photograph supplied by the instructor.

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Week 2 Student Work
Student: Florence
St. John's, Newfoundland


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Week 2 Student Work
Bill Ford
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


In Week 3, instructor Stephen teaches techniques for drawing the male figure. Topics include blocking in the figure, locating and placing in terminators, creating shadows and highlights… and more.

files/content/blog/2013 Blog/r_byatt_w_3.jpg
Week 3 Student Work
Rod Byatt
Sydney, Australia


In Week 4, Stephen focuses on drawing the female figure. He demonstrates his techniques for emphasizing form, keeping shadows atmospheric, and creating rhythmic lines and strokes.

files/content/blog/2013 Blog/kathy_kelly_w_4.jpg
Week 4 Student Work
Kathy Kelly
St. Louis, MO


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