Pass The Journal - Book 6 Complete!

In 2015, we sent 12 of our blank Hardbound Mixed Media Art Journals to 12 different artists. When an artist received one of the books, they created art across a page spread and uploaded it to the Pass The Journal website where it got added to a tracking map with a pin mark. Then they passed the book to a different artist of their choosing to continue the cycle.

Journal page by Jesse Balmer in Book 6

Since starting the project 2 years ago with the first twelve artists, the books have traveled to 16 different countries, 27 different US states, and have been in the hands of over 135 artists. 

Book number 6, name Shelburne, returned home to the Strathmore office after a journey through Spain and the western side of the USA. The book is named Shelburne because of Strathmore's rich history of innovation, including the introduction of one of the first recycled art papers in 1972 called Shelburne Phase II Sketch.

The incredibly talented artists who got their hands on this book each created a unique page with their own artistic voice. In the end, a collection of individual voices came together to form a beautiful and harmonious masterpiece. This collaborative art project has been a way to unite people around the world through art, and we want to share the joy with you, so take a moment to check out each page that was created inside book 6:

Let's take a look at each piece:

Miguel Herranz - Barcelona, Spain
"My Balcony"

Sagar Fornies - Barcelona, Spain

Aurora Villaviejas Fatuarte - Sevilla, Spain

Inma Serrano - Sevilla, Spain
"Who's Next?"

Manuel Jesús Blanco Mesa - Sevilla, Spain
"My Day & My Night"

Celia Burgos Romero - Sevilla, Spain
"Jumping Borders"

Inmaculada Otero Carrasco - Sevilla, Spain
"I Don't Know Where to Go"

Isabell Seidel - Ourense, Spain

Miguel Robledo - Ourense, Spain
"Frankenstein and the Fairies"

Simon Blanco - Ourense, Spain
"A Merenda"

Roque Romero Rúa - Coruña, Spain
"Usual Intersection"

Xulia Pisón- Coruña, Spain

Paula Esteban - Coruña, Spain
"Mr. Tembo"

Jose Doming - Coruña, Spain
"Whacky Car"

Jorge Peral - Coruña, Spain
"Don't Move"

Alex Ghostthead - Coruña, Spain
"Spirit of Coruña"

Matthew Houston - Mesa, Arizona, USA

Niv Bavarsky - Los Angeles, California, USA

Jesse Balmer - Los Angeles, California, USA
"Playing with Fire"

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