Pastel Techniques Workshop

Each year we host a series of free workshop on our website for anyone to follow along to. We focus on 3 different topics throughout the year, each with four full-length, free video lessons taught by artist instructors.

After a video lesson is released on the site, it remains open and available for viewing at anytime for the rest of the year. You can watch, re-watch, rewind, and learn at your own pace on the workshop site. 

Here's the lineup for this year's workshops:

WORKSHOP 1: Brush Lettering & Watercolor
Instructor: Jess Park
Release Date: March, 2017 - OPEN FOR VIEWING
See all four of Jess's video lessons here

WORKSHOP 2: Techniques in Pastel Art
Instructor: Amy Pearce Stone
Release Date: May, 2017 - OPEN FOR VIEWING
See all four of Amy's video lessons here

WORKSHOP 3: Ethereal Mixed Media Art on Toned Paper
Instructor: Georgina Kreutzer
Release Date: September 4, 2017

Workshop 2, Techniques in Pastel Art, was the latest to be fully released. All four of Amy's video lessons are now available to follow along to.

Here's a preview of Amy's lessons that you can watch:


Lesson 1: Abstract Line & Circle Composition and Value Blending with Oil Pastels:
Create an abstract, blended value oil pastel line and circle drawing in order to simply introduce basic oil pastel techniques and textures. 

Lesson 2: Whimsical owl in Oil Pastels:
Create a whimsical owl using learned line techniques, value blending, and texture techniques. 

Lesson 3: Sunset Over Lake in Soft Pastels
Learn how to simply lay down and blend delicate soft pastels to create a subtle and comforting landscape scene. 

Lesson 4: Portrait in Soft Pastels
Create a simple and soft realistic portrait using delicate soft pastels. In this lesson you'll gain an understanding of how to render skin, hair and tone values.


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