Playing with Gelli Plates

Gelli PlatesWe had some fun here yesterday and put a wide variety of our papers to good use with Gelli Plates! While we all have a strong appreciation for art and creativity here at Strathmore, we don't all consider ourselves artists. Even so, we found the Gelli Plates were super approachable and a ton of fun to use with our papers!

We used the 6"x6" printing plate and the 8"x10" printing plate with a variety of found objects like rubber bands, feathers, stencils, cut papers, bubble wrap and mesh screens to create layers of colors, patterns and textures.


 Check out some of our prints:

Gelli Plate Prints on Strathmore Paper



Print on Printmaking

Created by Matt on Strathmore's new 400 Series Printmaking paper which is coming this summer!


300 Series Bristol Vellum

Created by Sabrina on Strathmore Bristol Artist Tiles.


Strathmore Acrylic

Created by Jane on Strathmore 400 Series Acrylic.


Strathmore Charcoal

Created by Jane on Strathmore 300 Series Charcoal.


Watercolor Tiles

Created by Sara on Strathmore Watercolor Artist Tiles. The background was created first using the Gelli plate. Once the print was dry, detail was added with a white gel pen.


Strathmore Mixed Media Card

Created by Sara on Strathmore Mixed Media Cards.

We had lots of fun with the Gelli Plates and encourage you to get all your materials out and give them a try! They work great with our papers and the possibilites are endless!

For more infomration on Gelli Plates click here.

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