Prominent Artist Users of Strathmore

One of the fun things about working with a brand that has a long history is looking back at the advertising of the past. Strathmore Artist Papers was founded in 1892, so looking through our archives is like a history class in American papermaking and advertising! A favorite campaign of ours is the “Prominent Artist Users of Strathmore” series of ads that ran in the 1950s and 1960s. Each ad featured a photo and information on a renowned professional artist and the reasons they trusted Strathmore for their work. Artists included fine artist Andrew Wyeth, graphic designer Saul Bass, and illustrators Albert Staehl and Norman Rockwell among others.


files/content/blog/2015 Blog/Prominent-Artists_Hilary-Knight.jpgfiles/content/blog/2015 Blog/Prominent-Artists_Lester-Beall.jpgfiles/content/blog/2015 Blog/Prominent-Artists_Albert-Staehle.jpgfiles/content/blog/2015 Blog/Prominent-Artists_Lillian-Langseth-Christensen.jpgfiles/content/blog/2015 Blog/Prominent-Artists_NC-Wyeth.jpgfiles/content/blog/2015 Blog/Prominent-Artists_Naiad_Walter-Einsel.jpgfiles/content/blog/2015 Blog/Prominent-Artists_Russell-Patterson.jpgfiles/content/blog/2015 Blog/Prominent-Artists_Saul-Bass.jpgfiles/content/blog/2015 Blog/Prominent-Artists_Simon-Grecco.jpgfiles/content/blog/2015 Blog/sap_Rockwell_ad_053212g.jpg


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