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Sketchbook Fury

Have you seen Graham Smith’s FREE Sketchbook Fury workshop?

Through online video lessons, Professional Artist & Illustrator Graham Smith is showing us how to develop a sketchbook strategy so you can customize your sketchbook, build your drawing skills, overcome your fear of the blank page, develop ideas, and execute finished art.

Graham Smith

Here’s the lineup for Graham’s workshop:

Lesson 1: Build Your Dojo - WATCH HERE

Create an inspirational and customized sketchbook by learning how to add envelopes, folders, pen holders and see Graham's idea for making the cover your own. Then learn how to get pages prepped in a way that will make you want to dive in and fill them up!

Lesson 1

Lesson 2: Overcome Fear - WATCH HERE

Learn how to let it go and flow freely in your sketchbook. The blank page can be intimidating, so Graham has some great ideas on how to get started with color washes, collage, and understanding the creation process to be able to plant ideas and let them grow.

Lesson 2

Lesson 3: Basic Skills - WATCH HERE

Graham’s got some really cool tips and tools that he demonstrates in lesson 3 like how to practice value scales, learning perspective, special measuring tips & ruler hacks, tips for making straight lines, and other basic but helpful skills.

Lesson 3

Lesson 4: Executing Final Art - WATCH HERE

See Graham take an idea from start to finish as it goes from sketch to finished piece. Also see his comparison of new school versus old school solutions for creating finished art: scanning, photoshopping & reprinting versus grid enlargement techniques, using a light box, and using tracing paper for refinement & transferring.

Lesson 4

If you haven’t participated in our workshops before, it's completely free to follow along and watch the videos. See this year's current lineup here.


We hope you enjoy the workshops and would love to see what they inspire you to create! Show us on facebook or on Instagram (@strathmoreart) using #StrathmoreWorkshops.

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