Sketching in San Clemente, California


As the Midwest is caught in the grips of yet another very cold week, we take a mental vacation via the sketchbooks of Ken and Roberta Avidor. Ken and Roberta recently escaped chilly Minnesota to visit family in sunny San Clemente, California. They biked around town sketching the beautiful surroundings in their Strathmore Mixed Media and Toned Tan Art Journals. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sketches with us Ken and Roberta, they remind us that warmer weather will be here soon!

San Clemente sketchbookFrom the frozen fields of Minnesota to the sunny skies of San Clemente

San Clemente palms

Ken and Roberta Avidor

surfers on toned

San Clemente Surfers


To see more of their journey in San Clemente visit their travelblog:

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